1-Way Vision for Daytime Privacy, Energy Efficiency and Security

A simple solution for close neighbors, high traffic areas, front entrances or any exterior window.

Welcome to magicalblinds.com Your 1 way-vision window film solution for Daytime Privacy, Security, Energy Efficiency and Peace of Mind. Please use code 10off to save 10% on your order.

All orders are custom printed and cut to your EXACT glass size for a perfect fit and for easy installation, with NO tools needed. Factory deductions of 1/8" less per side will be deducted automatically for proper fit and reveal.
Magical Blinds are of the highest quality to ensure reliability as well as problem free installation. The product applys to the exterior side of the glass, it blocks glare, solar heat and harmful UV Rays. This helps homes to be more comfortable, also lowering air conditioning costs and maintaining 1-WAY Vision All Day.

It is the simple solution for close neighbors, high traffic areas, front entrances, or any exterior window that you desire. 1-Way Vision Film is light dependent, you will always be able to see out, however the 1-WAY Vision will work from dawn till dark but not after.

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Absolutely amazing product! Easy to install and great quality. They help make the room cooler and most of all I don't have to worry about people looking in anymore! Highly recommended.

Nick Cavallaro from Facebook

I ordered for our patio door that faces the sunset. [It] was perfectly cut to my specs. The design also was proportionally correct [and] super easy to install. Great to see outside with privacy one way view. I will be ordering for the other Windows and den. Thank you!

Frank David Salazar from Facebook

Awesome investment! Good looking blinds that actually work! Made in the USA and delivery was less than a week.

Joel Rivera for Facebook