MagicalBlinds Frequently Asked Questions

Are MagicalBlinds installed on the exterior glass of the window? 

Yes. MagicalBlinds can ONLY be installed on the exterior side of the window glass. However, we do offer a Blockout and Frosted window film that can be installed on the interior side.

What is EdgeSeal tape? 

An optically clear laminated tape UV rated, used to protect and secure the edges of Magical Blinds to the window glass. It is optional and recommended for RVs/motor homes ( things that travel).

Can't someone from the outside peel of MagicalBlinds? Will the wind, weather, and outside environment effect the edges and cause peeling? 

We offer EdgeSeal as an additional option on checkout if this is a concern for you. Magical Blinds are a Commercial Grade Product with a temperature range of -40F to 180F, they will not be affected by heat, cold, wind or weather. Edge Seal Tape is an additional option which applies to the perimeter of the Magical Blinds edges, helping them stay secured to the glass surface. This increases the lifetime longevity of the product and secures the edges down to prevent peeling and unwanted removal from the outside environment. 

How do I install MagicalBlinds? I need help! 

Magical Blinds are designed for do-it-yourself applications. All orders are custom printed and cut to your exact glass sizes, less 3/16" per side, for a proper fit which makes for a simple install with no cutting, no liquids, no razors, NO nothing. All you have to do is tape it up and apply with the complimentary tape and complimentary squeegee that is included in ALL orders. We have an installation video that walks you through it, step-by-step. 

Where can I use MagicalBlinds? 

MagicalBlinds can be applied to the EXTERIOR of any window at homes, offices, mobile homes, etc.

Are MagicalBlinds removable? 

Yes - The pressure sensitive adhesive will allow clean removal for up to 5 years with no residue. Removal may need low temperature heat, suach as a hair dryer for easier removal.

Can you re-position MagicalBlinds once they're installed? 

Yes - The pressure sensitive adhesive allows it to be re-positioned several times.

Are tools required? 

No. We only recommend you clean the window prior to installation. For this reason, a free squeegee is included in ever order.

Are there any special instructions for bigger windows? 

The largest size we can print is 48" in height OR in width by up to 96". Any sizes larger than this, will be seamed evenly either horizontally or vertically depending on the design. Larger blinds in sections allows for easier installation, also larger sizes may require two people to install depending on the environment and the position of the window.

Can MagicalBlinds be installed on windows with exterior grates? 

Yes - When ordering, use the entire window measurement. Then, trim individual pieces appropriately with razor knife or scissors, or call us and we will custom cut to your exact sizes needed.

When is the best time to install MagicalBlinds?

For best results, we recommend installing MagicalBlinds when the outside temperature is between 50 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit and NOT in direct sunlight. 

Can you MagicalBlinds for odd-shaped windows? (Arches/Angles)

Yes. Simply order the overall size and trim to shape.

Can people see inside during the daytime with MagicalBlinds installed?

No, MagicalBlinds provide 1-Way Vision, Energy Efficiency, Security and Peace of Mind from dawn till dark.  

Are MagicalBlinds removable? 

Yes - The pressure sensitive adhesive will allow clean removal for up to 5 years.

Can people see in my windows with MagicalBlinds?

No - That's the magic of it! Magical Blinds provide 1-Vision During the daytime so people on the outside of the window will not be able to see inside.

Can I see outside my windows with MagicalBlinds?

Yes! It's very similar to looking thru a screen and you can always see out 24/7.  

At night time, can people see in my windows?

Yes - Magical Blinds are 1-Way Vision for Daytime Privacy, Energy Efficiency, Security and Peace of Mind. All 1-Way Vision materials are light dependent, therefore the 1-Way Vision will work from dawn till dark, after dark and when it is lighter inside than outside the 1-Way Vision effect will NOT work.

What type of adhesive is used on MagicalBlinds?

High quality, re-positional acrylic adhesive that stays in place after application. If removal is needed, it will remove cleanly with low temperature heat, such as a hair dryer, and it will remove cleanly with no residue left behind.

What happens to MagicalBlinds in the rain or damp conditions? 

When wet, vision will be obscured until dry and wil hold up to all weather conditons.  

What are the material temperature specs for MagicalBlinds?

A perforated window film with a temperature range of -40 degrees Fahrenheit to 180 degrees Fahrenheit.  

When placing an order and entering window measurements, what size do I use?

Please enter the exact glass area of your window. Factory deductions of 1/8" less per side for sizes up to 24" and 3/16" less per side for sizes over 24". It will be deducted automatically for a proper fit and reveals, which makes for a simple installation. Also if the "optional" Edge Seal Tape is ordered, this will allow room for it to be applied around the perimeter edges. Please call us for any custom sizes, shapes or questions. 

What is the largest size I can order? 

Up to 96" x 96" can be ordered via website for anything larger please call our office. Due to our stock roll size we can print up to 48" MAX in Height or Width, anything above 48" will be seamed evenly. For example, a 2" Horizontal Blind order at 56" Height x 52" Wide will be split in 2 even sections at 28" in Height by 52" in Width. If you have any questions, please contact us.

If I have a problem with my order, how can I contact customer service? 

We'd be happy to help! We take pride in our customers, we want you to have the best experience. You can always contact us directly on our Contact Us page.

What is the return policy?

We only accept refunds on all un-used items in their original packaging. Buyer is responsible for all shipping / return postage and will be obligated to pay a 50% restocking fee. Cancelled orders for ANY reason will be obligated to pay a 50% restocking fee. No refunds for any orders over 15 days from date of delivery. For all International orders and or all orders outside of the United States of America are NON-REFUNDABLE for ANY reason. Question about our policy? Reach out to us through our "Contact Us" page. 

How is the visibility for Block-Out blinds?

Cannot see in, cannot see out 24/7, complete block-out. With interior lights on or off.

How is the visibility for Frosted blinds?

Semi-transparent, frosted look inside and outside view 24/7. With interior lights on or off.