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You see out, no one sees in.  Magical Blinds are window treatments that provide 1-WAY VISION for Daytime Privacy, Security, Energy Efficiency and Peace of Mind.

 All orders are custom printed and cut to your EXACT glass size for a perfect fit and for easy installation, with NO tools needed. Factory deductions of 1/8" less per side will be deducted automatically for proper fit and reveal.

Magical Blinds are of the highest quality to ensure reliability as well as problem free installation. The product applys to the exterior side of the glass, it blocks glare, solar heat and harmful UV Rays. This helps homes to be more comfortable, also lowering air conditioning costs and maintaining 1-WAY Vision All Day.

It is the simple solution for close neighbors, high traffic areas, front entrances, or any exterior window that you desire.
1-Way Vision Film is light dependent, you will always be able to see out, however the 1-WAY Vision will work from dawn till dark but not after.

 Our proprietary designs will enhance the beauty of your home, office or workplace.

Our products are proudly made and trademarked in the USA. Do not be misled by any other advertising or any websites, as we are the only Magicalblinds Company. Please beware as overseas companies have stolen our videos, photos and have falsey advertised our products. Be cautious from purching from these scam websites such as but not limited to; Edeal, Sunrise, Unnistore, Besttrendydeals, Precisesa, Goprosurfing. We stand behind our product 100% and please feel free to contact us anytime by phone, email or through our website. Thank you.